What We do

Construction Sector

Supply, Erection, Installation of power station & EHV substations such as :                     
- GIS and conventional HV equipment indoor & outdoor.
- Generators , Turbines.
- Switchgear, Control, protection, AC & DC panel boards.
- Telecommunications & Fiber Optics.
- Power Transformers, Reactors & Capacitors.
- Cable laying & cable terminations control and power.
- Rehabilitation , Expansion & Repairing of station equipment.

Service Sector

- Maintenance of Generation Station.
- Maintenance of Substations.
- Maintenance of Distribution station.
- Maintenance of Distribution & package Transformers.

Testing & Commissioning
- Generation Testing.
- Sub Station Testing.
- Transformer Testing & Oil Treatment.
- Fiber Optic Testing.
- High Voltage Testing.

Energy Sector

We provide a complate solar power plant starting from 5 KW up to 300 MW, NECE has a firm and strong dealing with first class solar panel manufacturer, we can supply all type of residential or commercial panels, NECE offer solar solution for all customer either private or governmental, NECE system is design to deliver more energy and greater saving.
We are designing, sizing the whole project requirement both Civil and electrical works.
NECE is also Design & Manufacture the steel structure and any necessary steel supports.
Civil works execution, Erection, Testing & Commissioning is what we are specialist.
Startup & Energizing of completed projects either off grid or ON grid connected.